Energy Management Products: Discover the Best Smart Thermostats for HVAC Management

Take control of your property’s comfort levels and energy savings with Verdant’s energy management systems. Browse our products and consult with our team for guidance and seamless installation.

Illustration of a Verdant VX thermostat


Energy Saving Thermostats

Our thermostats save money through real time occupancy detection; saving energy when rooms are unoccupied.

  • Available in either wired or wireless versions
  • Can be self-installed in 10 minutes
  • Ships in 3 days or less
Screenshot of a Verdant Product: EI software on a laptop


Verdant EI

Discover the energy management service that maximizes energy savings at your property without compromising guest comfort.

  • Automates energy management at the property
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Includes a lifetime warranty for all Verdant hardware
Illustration of a Verdant VX thermostat


Verdant Starter Kit

Install Verdant’s award winning energy management system at your property for a fraction of the price.