Markets We Serve

The Verdant energy management system is ideal for commercial properties with random occupancy patterns such as hotels, multi-dwelling units, student housing, and senior living communities.


The average hotel room is empty 60% of the time, even when rented, and has no fixed occupancy patterns.  That makes it the perfect type of property for the Verdant energy management system.

Multi-Dwelling Units

Whether tenant-paid or owner-paid utilities, Verdant’s system has software to customize and automate energy management at the property level.

Verdant’s energy management system is also the only 100% wireless energy management system that doesn’t rely on WiFi on the market, and is eligible for rebates in many states.

Senior Living Communities

Residents of senior living communities often spend large parts of their day in common spaces and away from their rooms.

Room temperatures tend to be higher in these apartments, meaning higher energy costs, and a great opportunity for savings.

Student Housing

Student occupancy patterns generally revolve around class schedules, and change from semester to semester.  They’re also punctuated by long holiday breaks where rooms remain empty for long periods of time. 

Verdant thermostats give facilities the flexibility to save energy while students are in class, and program deep setbacks during long holidays.