Learn how much you can save today, risk free!

How the free trial works

Black Icon representing a shipping truck
We ship you a few units to be installed in similar type rooms throughout your property.
Black colored icon of wrench and hammer

Your engineer or facilities team installs the equipment with the help of our technical support team.

Black Icon of a beaker to signify an experiment
We create ‘control’ and ‘test’ groups to accurately measure HVAC runtime reductions.
Black colored icon of cloud with up and down arrows inside signifying upload and download
We collect data for 30 days to ensure a significant sample of typical occupancy patterns.
Black colored icon of envelope with dollar sign inside
Verdant presents you with a customized energy-savings report and annualized cost-savings projection.
Black Icon of hands pointed up and down signifying yes or no
You decide whether the system is right for you.  If you like it, great!  If not, simply ship it back to us.

Free Trial FAQ.

Is it really free?

Yes, and it’s because we know you’ll love our system once you’ve tried it.
Who is responsible for installing the equipment?
As with all Verdant products, your on-site facilities team will install the equipment with the guidance of our tech support team.
Do I need to put a deposit for the equipment?
No.  There is no deposit necessary for the trial.
How quickly will I receive the equipment?
Once approved, we’ll ship the equipment needed for your free trial within 2-3 days.  All equipment is shipped via FedEx ground and is usually received within 4-5 business days.