Control External Devices With Verdant Thermostats

Make the most of your Verdant energy management thermostats by integrating it with a variety of third party devices, including lighting controls, makeup air units, dampers, electric plugs and more.

Turn Lights On & Off Automatically

Verdant thermostats can provide a real-time occupancy signal to third party lighting systems to automatically turn on/off lights when rooms are unoccupied.

Put Money Back In The Bank By Delivering Fresh Air Only When Needed

Makeup air systems are increasingly popular and even mandated by many state building codes.  They also consume considerable energy when left running in vacant rooms.

When you integrate Verdant thermostats with your makeup air units or other dampers, you ensure that fresh air is delivered to the room only when rooms are occupied.


Slay Phantom Power

Once And For All

Like a leaky faucet, TV’s, coffee machines, and phone chargers sit in ‘standby’ mode for long periods during the day, consuming energy unnecessarily when rooms are empty.

Connecting Verdant’s real-time occupancy signal to smart plugs ensures your devices only consume energy when they need to.

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