Verdant EI Optimizes Savings 24/7

Verdant EI™ is our energy management subscription service.  A dedicated energy management expert is assigned to your property with a very simple goal in mind: monitor your Verdant system 24/7 and maximize energy savings without compromising on guest comfort, all without requiring on-site staff. Our experts use proprietary machine learning algorithms to optimize system settings based on historical performance data, generating the best energy savings possible at your property, year-round.  Verdant EI™ includes a suite of mobile and web apps to help you monitor energy savings in real time, change settings on the fly, or even monitor room occupancy.

Core Features

Verdant EI comes packed with energy saving features that help squeeze every last dollar from your electrical bill.

Peak Demand Mitigation

Our system helps cut energy usage at the most valuable times for your property.

Real Time Big-Data Analysis

EI uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms that continuosly analyze historical room data, weather, room thermodynamics, and other variables to maximize energy savings without compromising comfort.

24/7 Automation

EI adjusts and configures its energy savings profile continuously throughout the day, ensuring that you maximize energy savings without the need for property staff involement.

You’re Covered

Verdant EI includes all software updates and a complete warranty on all hardware.*

Visit our FAQ page for details.

*Certain conditions apply.

Streamline Your Operations

Verdant EI comes with 3 applications that help improve efficiency at your property while facilitating day-to-day tasks for owners, managers, engineers, and housekeeping.

EI Dashboard

See how much you’re saving in real time. Drill down to the property or room level to pinpoint ROI.

EI Ops

A comprehensive set of tools to monitor and manage guestrooms remotely.

EI Occupancy

Built specifically for housekeeping staff to view occupancy in real-time to avoid unncessary guest disruptions while cleaning rooms.