Today we’re excited to announce that Verdant’s energy management thermostat has been certified by Hilton as one of the first compatible thermostats for the Hilton Connected Room Initiative.

What is Hilton Connected Room?

Imagine a guest experience where you can login to a smartphone application to check-in remotely, and set the room to your preferred temperature for when you unlock the door (with your smartphone of course).

This is the future of guest experience at many Hilton hotels. Guests who stay at Hilton Connected Room-enabled properties will be able to use the Hilton Honors app to manage most things they would traditionally do manually in a room, such as controlling the temperature, lighting and TV.

How it Works

Each new Verdant VX thermostat and most previous generation Verdant thermostats can be upgraded to be Hilton Connected Room compatible with the addition of a small Zigbee module that plugs into the thermostat, hidden from the view of guests.

The thermostat communicates wirelessly with a central set top box in the guestroom using the Zigbee communication protocol, allowing for control by smartphones, TV remotes, or the traditional wall controls.

Why Verdant?

In addition to being Hilton Connected Room compatible, Verdant energy management thermostats already come equipped with best-in-class software features to help you save energy in empty guestrooms.

Patented features such as ‘night occupancy mode’ and ‘dynamic intelligent recovery’ ensure maximum energy savings without compromising guest comfort.

Users can also access an online management portal to manage and monitor their thermostats from anywhere, 24/7, receive timely diagnostic alerts, and set permissions for various hotel staff.  For hotels who prefer the help of experts, Verdant EI™ provides an energy management service that automates energy savings without the need for hotel staff involvement.

To Learn more about how Verdant can help your property become Hilton Connected Room compatible, and save money, contact us at 1 888 444 0991 or write us at

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